The History of Punk Rock – Paving Asphalt with a Hard Sound

Punk Rock Guitar - OperationPhoenixRecords.comThe origin and history of Punk Rock music has always been a matter of debate. Controversies revolve around the evolution of punk music, and there is just one certain thing, i.e., punk’s tangible ideas. From all punk music websites and records, a person cannot discover the long pathway for the music genre.

Whether it is the rebellious ideas or the hippie movement, the punk music records have been at the center of everything. If you feel confused between Punk Rock and Punk music, then understand one thing, these are two different terms for the same music genre.


The term Punk Rock was first mentioned by the American Rock Critics in the era of the 1970s. The music is rooted in garage rock style and their inheritors. In the beginning, this music genre was rejected by most Americans. During the period 1974 to 1976, bands like Ramones in New York City, The Clash in London, The Runaways in L.A., alongside the Saints in Brisbane, created a vanguard. By the time the 1970 decade was about to end, punk became a massive cultural phenomenon in the United Kingdom.

The popularity of punk records inspired the youth to express their rebellious thoughts and nature through distinctive adornment and styles of clothes. A variety of anti-authoritarian ideologies also developed in this era.

It was 1977 when the influence of the punk music genre transformed into a more persuasive form. By the time 1980s started, a faster and more aggressive subgenre such as hardcore punk, anarcho-punk, and street punk became a predominant form.

The Foundation for Punk Rock:

At present, there are various punk music websites available on the internet, but do you know the foundations of punk music?

Punk Rock started with some vocalists and people with no actual knowledge of music. And because those people didn’t know the rules of music, they broke the rules that existed. In doing so, a new form of music genre was created. In the mid-1960s, the Stooges and MC5 gained popularity in Detroit. Their music was raw, crude, and often based on political views. Hence, their musical concerts were also violent affairs.

The next piece was The Velvet Underground managed by Andy Warhol, who created a noisy music. But they didn’t know that they were expanding the definition of music back then. Throughout history, this genre inspired others as well and gives rise to other spin-offs such as post-punk, new wave, alternative rock, noise rock, and indie-pop.

For a little while, the punk records disappeared from the market until the 1990s when it re-emerged. Punk rock and pop-punk bands such as Rancid, The Offspring, Blink-182, and Green Day get into the mainstream.

Punk Records Early History In Various Countries:

Playing Punk - OperationPhoenixRecords.comNew York, America:

The origin of punk rock music can be tracked to Mercer Arts Center in Greenwich Village. In 1974, the CBGB club was at the center of this revolution in New York. They started performing in lower Manhattan, and was described by the critic John Walker; they were the ultimate garage band with pretensions. Other bands like Velvet Underground were also inspired by them.

Richard Hell, Velvet Underground’s bassist and singer, created a look with ragged hair, ripped T-shirts, and black leather jacket, which was recognized as the punk rock visual style. Several miles away, new bands were also being formed like The Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Ramones, who were taking Rock ‘n’ Roll to its primal level.

Other U.S. Cities:

In the same decade, other bands were also coming to light in other cities of America. It was Scream, Nurse with Wound, Sonic Youth, and the Melvins that led the charge. It appeared to a small degree in places you wouldn’t think it would like Kansas City and Houston.

United Kingdom:

As the Punk movement expanded at a rapid pace around 1975, the United Kingdom accepted this music genre as well. It was Malcolm McLaren who managed the New York Dolls for a brief period. Inspired by the new scenes that he witnessed around CBGB, he began to manage a new band called the Strand. Later on, they changed the name to Sex Pistols and performed their first gig with that name. Followed with the success of Sex Pistols, other bands started to perform publically.

At one point, the Ramones crossed the Atlantic and performed two shows in London that further sparked up the punk scene in the U.K. and affected their musical style as well. While the popular bands were performing globally to influence countries and their people with their punk records, numerous other bands made their debut.

The Second Wave of Punk Rock Music:

By 1977, the punk rock music second wave started to break out in the three countries where it emerged. An eclectic state of music era started, and the bands started to sound very different from each other. If you browse the punk music websites, you will find numerous tracks that sound greatly different from each other. And even though the punk rock remained an underground phenomenon for a long time, new spots emerged and made the music genre a major sensation.

Punk Rocker - OperationPhoenixRecords.comTop Punk Rock Bands in the Music History:

There is no denying that punk music websites exist because the music genre is still evolving. The evolution of punk rock is not a straight story. There were many ups and downs for this genre, and eventually, it spread worldwide.

Here is a top list of punk bands whose tracks you can find on the punk music websites to discover the history.

Green Day

The Clash

The Ramones

The Sex Pistols

The Dead Kennedys

Iggy & the Stooges

Black Flag

The Misfits

Social Distortion

Bad Brains

Within a very small period, Punk Rock music left a legacy that was followed by many music lovers. Be it Alternative Rock or Emo, or a little sword and sorcery, many punk bands formed and devoured within the half-century. If you are new to the punk records and wish to listen to the type of music that existed in the early 1970s, visit punk music websites and download the tracks.

After all, Punk Music was meant for the listeners so that their creativity can run wild.